Eisteddfod Pictures: Tyddewi 2002

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Morning rush-hour Here's a good way to find your car again at the end of the day
The front entrance is very grand these days Nowadays the Eisteddfod is a moonscape of high-tech portable architecture Decking! the latest garden-centre fad comes to the Eisteddfod
Geodesic domes are popular BT have a very snazzy place, complete with satellite dishes... ...and advertising barrage balloon (that's where your line rental goes, folks)
There's the latest in very big screens, courtesy of the BBC ...and some fairly serious broadcasting kit Wish I had one of these!
A camera on top of the pavilion provides an aerial view of the eisteddfod At cooking demonstrations... ...patriotic trousers are de rigeur
Here's where you can buy your red dragonry ...or a rickshaw, if you should need one A different kind of demonstration
Harp shops are everywhere; some people are fascinated. . . ...others less so... ...but at the end of the day the weary harps have to sleep
Here come the Gorsedd... ...the white robes almost merging with the space-age plastic roofs behind them
There are flower girls of course... ...and plenty of them... ...if only to welcome the representatives of the other Celtic nations
and there's a swordsman (you can't be too careful) escort the top brass well as plenty of stewards to keep the druids in order
Inside the pavilion After the ceremony they lead the new bard out with them (he's quite pleased)
...and rank after rank of bards ...of all colours and grades ...doing their best to keep up
...are chivvied along by various official types The new bard is soon buttonholed for interviews, al fresco if possible But of course the waterproofs are never far away

These photos were taken by Harry Campbell at the 2002 Eisteddfod in Tyddewi, Sir Benfro (St Davids, Pembrokeshire). There are also some images from the 1999 (Llangefni) and 2001 (Denbigh) Eisteddfods here. Please don’t use them without permission.

You can read more about the Eisteddfod here.

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