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Evans, H. Meurig and W. O. Thomas (1953) Y Geiriadur Newydd: The New Welsh Dictionary. Swansea: Christopher Davies, ISBN 0-7154-0438-5, £9.95 p/b. more

Evans, H. Meurig and W. O. Thomas (1959) Y Geiriadur Bach: The Welsh Pocket Dictionary. Swansea: Christopher Davies, ISBN 0-7154-0629-9, £5.99 p/b. more

Lewis, Edwin C. (2001) Y Geiriadur Cryno: The Concise Welsh Dictionary. Llandybïe/Ammanford: Gwasg Dinefwr, ISBN 0-9538554-5-7, £9.95 p/b. more

Evans, H. Meurig and W. O. Thomas (1958, revised 1968) Y Geiriadur Mawr: The Complete Welsh–English English–Welsh Dictionary. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 0-85088-462-4 (or Swansea: Christopher Davies, ISBN 0-7154-0543-8), £17.50 h/b. more

Evans, H. Meurig (1981, revised 1992) Y Geiriadur Cymraeg Cyfoes: The Modern Welsh Dictionary. Swansea: Christopher Davies, ISBN 0-7154-0725-2, £12.99 p/b. (Pub. in USA as Hippocrene Standard). more

Evans, H. Meurig (1981, revised 1992) Welsh–English English–Welsh Dictionary. New York: Hippocrene Books, ISBN 0-7818-0136-2, $24.95 p/b. (Same text as Geiriadur Cyfoes.) more

The Collins Spurrell Welsh Dictionary [a.k.a. Collins Spurrell Pocket Welsh Dictionary] (1960, revised 1991). London: HarperCollins, ISBN 0-00-433549-X, £6.99 vinyl. more

Collins Gem Welsh Dictionary (1992; text 1960/1991). London: HarperCollins, ISBN 0-00-470199-2, £4.99 vinyl. (Same text as Collins Spurrell.) more

Lewis, Edwin C. (1992) [Teach Yourself] Welsh Dictionary. London: Hodder and Stoughton (Teach Yourself series), ISBN 0-340-78923-9 (previously 0-340-57212-4), £9.99 p/b. more

Evans, Bethan W. et al. (1993) Gair i Gall: Geiriadur Sylfaenol i Ddysgwyr [‘A Word to the Wise: A Basic Dictionary for Learners’; a.k.a. The Acen Dictionary for Learners]. Cardiff: Acen Cyf., ISBN 1-874049-21-1, £9.99 p/b, o/p. more

Lewis, D. Geraint (1997) Welsh–English English–Welsh Dictionary. New Lanark (Scotland): Geddes and Grosset, ISBN 1-85534-795-4, £2.99 h/b. (Pub. in USA as Hippocrene Practical). more

Lewis, D. Geraint (1999) Welsh–English English–Welsh Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical series). New York: Hippocrene Books, ISBN 0-7818-0781-6, $12.95 p/b. (Same text as Geddes and Grosset.) more

Gruffudd, Heini (1998) The Welsh Learner’s Dictionary. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-363-0, £6.95 p/b. more

WLD (mini version)
Gruffudd, Heini (2000) The Welsh Learner’s Dictionary. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-517-X, £3.95 vinyl. (Same text as WLD.) more

King, Gareth (2000) The [Oxford] Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary: A Guide to the Living Language. Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-864531-7, £9.99 p/b. more

D. Geraint Lewis (1994) Geiriadur Gomer i’r Ifanc [a.k.a. Gomer’s Dictionary for Young People]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-161-1, £15.95 h/b (previously £25.00). WELSH–ENGLISH ONLY. more

D. Geraint Lewis (1999) Geiriadur Cynradd Gomer [‘The Gomer Primary Dictionary’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-758-X, £12.95 h/b (ISBN 1-85902-763-6, £9.95 p/b). WELSH–ENGLISH ONLY. more

Amery, Heather (1996) Y Geiriadur Lliwgar [‘The Colourful Dictionary’]. Cardiff: Gwasg y Dref Wen, ISBN 1-85596-275-6, £7.99 h/b. WELSH ONLY. more

Boore, Roger (1999) Geiriau Bob Dydd: Children’s Picture Dictionary of Everyday Welsh Words. Cardiff: Gwasg y Dref Wen, ISBN 1-85596-350-7, £7.99 h/b. more

WHAT’S THE WORD FOR . . .? new!
Williams, Carol (2002) What’s the Word For . . .?: Beth yw’r Gair Am . . .?. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, ISBN 1-7083-1736-7, £4.99. more

Prys, Delyth and J. P. M. Jones (1998) Y Termiadur Ysgol [‘The Schools Terminological Dictionary’]. Cardiff: ACCAC, ISBN 1-86112-180-6, £12.00 p/b. more

Griffiths, Bruce (ed.) and Dafydd Glyn Jones (assoc. ed.) (1995) Geiriadur yr Academi: The Welsh Academy English–Welsh Dictionary. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, ISBN 0-7083-1186-5, £45.00 h/b. ENGLISH–WELSH ONLY. more

Thomas, R. J., Gareth E. Bevan et al., eds. (1950 onwards) Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru [‘The University of Wales Dictionary’; a.k.a. A Dictionary of the Welsh Language]. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. 3 vols: Vol. 1 (a-ffysur) ISBN 0-7083-0504-0, £55.00 h/b; Vol. 2 (g-llys) ISBN 0-7083-0981-X, £45.00 h/b; Vol. 3 (m-rhywyr) ISBN 0-7083-1530-5, £45.00 h/b; Parts 37-60 (m-ymlidiaf) in 202×280mm fascicles, £8 each or £5 by subscription. WELSH–ENGLISH ONLY. more

Russon, Linda (1996) Y Geiriadur Bach: Le Petit Dico. Aberystwyth: Y Ganolfan Astudiaethau Addysg, ISBN 1-85644-970-X, £4.99 p/b. FRENCH–WELSH–FRENCH. more

Davies, Meirion et al. (2000) Geiriadur Ffrangeg–Cymraeg Cymraeg–Ffrangeg: Dictionnaire Français–Gallois Gallois–Français. Aberystwyth: Y Ganolfan Astudiaethau Addysg, ISBN 1-85644-418-X, £19.95 h/b. FRENCH–WELSH–FRENCH. more

Greller, Wolfgang (1996) Geiriadur Almaeneg. Aberystwyth: Y Ganolfan Astudiaethau Addysg, ISBN 1-85644-969-6, £4.99 p/b. GERMAN–WELSH–GERMAN. more

Greller, Wolfgang et al. (1999) Geiriadur Almaeneg–Cymraeg Cymraeg–Almaeneg: Wörterbuch Deutsch–Walisisch Walisisch–Deutsch. Aberystwyth: Y Ganolfan Astudiaethau Addysg, ISBN 1-85644-417-1, £14.95 h/b. GERMAN–WELSH–GERMAN. more


Lewis, D. Geraint (forthcoming) Geiriadur Gomer i’r Ifanc [on CD-ROM]. Cardiff: MEU Cymru, ISBN 0000873608, £50.00. more

Prys, Delyth and J. P. M. Jones (2000) Y Termiadur Ysgol [on CD-ROM]. Bangor: Canolfan Bedwyr, ISBN 0000873667, £25.00 + VAT + postage. more

See also SOFTWARE.


These come in all shapes and sizes, from basic to fancy, whether searchable or just word-lists. These are some of the most useful:

Mark Nodine’s famous Searching Lexicon, a.k.a. GMN (Geiriadur Mark Nodine). more

The Camu Online Welsh Course from the university of Wales at Lampeter ( now features its own dictionary. more

The BBC’s Learn Welsh website features a new 60,000-word English–Welsh and Welsh–English searchable online dictionary, with RealAudio clips of 1,200 often-used words. more

The labyrinthine Catalunya–Cymru website has an extensive Welsh–English dictionary called Y Geiriadur Gweol (‘the Web Dictionary’) containing about 10,000 headwords. It’s not searchable, you just load the page and read through it, but it’s very useful especially for the uncommon words that you are less likely to find in learners’ dictionaries. more

A new interactive downloadable Welsh dictionary is currently being beta-tested at more

There are a few other online dictionaries and glossaries of various sorts. more

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(see also GRAMMAR)

[1] Rhys-Jones, T. J. (1991) [Teach Yourself] Welsh. London: Hodder and Stoughton (Teach Yourself series), ISBN 0-340-49564-2, £6.99 p/b, o/p. more
BOOK AND CASSETTE: ISBN 0-340-59457-8, £18.99?.
CASSETTE ONLY: ISBN 0-340-59565-0, £9.99(!).
Now superseded by the edition below. You may also come across other, even older versions of this classic title.

[2] Brake, Julie and Christine Jones (2000) [Teach Yourself] Welsh. London: Hodder and Stoughton (Teach Yourself series), ISBN 0-340-77969-1, £9.99 p/b. more
2 CASSETTES: ISBN 0-340-77971-3, £13.00.
BOOK AND 2 CASSETTES: ISBN 0-340-77970-5, £22.99

King, Gareth (1995) Colloquial Welsh: A Complete Language Course. London: Routledge (Colloquial series), ISBN 0-415-10783-0, £9.50 p/b. more
2 CASSETTES: 0-415-10784-9, £14.50.
BOOK AND 2 CASSETTES: ISBN 0-415-10785-7, £22.64.

King, Gareth (1995) Basic Welsh: A Grammar and Workbook. London: Routledge (Routledge Grammars series), ISBN 0-415-12096-9, £10.50 p/b. more

King, Gareth (1996) Intermediate Welsh: A Grammar and Workbook. London: Routledge (Routledge Grammars series), ISBN 0-415-12097-7, £9.50 p/b. more

Brake, Phylip J. and Mair ap Myrddin (1994) Welsh in Three Months. Woodbridge, Sussex: Hugo’s Language Books Ltd, ISBN 0-85285-230-4, £4.95
BOOK AND 3 CASSETTES: Welsh In Three Months Cassette Course, ISBN 0-85285-372-6, £19.95. more

Jones, Anne M, Basil Davies and Cennard Davies (1986) The ABC of Welsh. Llandwrog: Cwmni Recordiau Sain, ISBN 0563205466 ?, £12.50 h/b. Full set (book + 4 cassettes containing 32 lessons): ISBN 0000677701, £24.99. more

Gruffudd, Heini (1998) Beginner’s Welsh. New York: Hippocrene Books (Beginner’s series), ISBN 0-7818-0589-9, £7.99/$9.95 p/b. more

Gruffudd, Heini (1984) Welcome to Welsh. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-069-0, £5.95 p/b. more

Gruffudd, Heini (1992) It’s Welsh!. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-245-6, 158pp, £5.95 p/b. more

Gruffudd, Heini and Elwyn Ioan (1971) Welsh Is Fun!: A New Course In Spoken Welsh For The Beginner. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-9500178-4-1, £2.95 p/b. more

Gruffudd, Heini and Elwyn Ioan (1975) Welsh Is Fun-tastic!. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-9500178-7-6, £2.95 p/b. more

Wilkes, Angela (1989) Welsh For Beginners. London: Usborne Publishing Ltd (Usborne Language Guides series), ISBN 0-7460-0385-4, £5.99 p/b (book and CD ISBN 0-7460-4644-8, £9.99). more

Speak Welsh (1977). Cardiff: John Jones Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-871083-00-1, £2.99 p/b. more


See also courses above with optional cassettes.

2 books, 5 (or 6?) cassettes, 30 lessons, £199.90; payment terms: deposit of £33.50 followed by four monthly payments of £41.60; postage and packing: £7.90 for mainland UK and £25.00 for international shipments. more

Cadw Sw^n [‘making a noise’] is a complete home-study Welsh course, suitable for beginners, using stories read over classical music for psychological effect. £79, including p&p in the UK. more


Dyna Hwyl [‘this is fun’] is a beginner’s CD-ROM course from W. S. Atkins costing about £85 +VAT +postage. more

Talk Now! (very basic) £24.99; World Talk (intermediate) £29.99 more

Explorer (introduction) £26; Level I (92 lessons taking beginners to an intermediate level) £195/£180. more

Learn Welsh through the medium of English, French, German or Spanish. 3 audio CDs and 1 CD-ROM, £24.99. more

Not a course but the CD-ROM version of the vocabulary-learning method previously published in book form. more


Mark Nodine’s acclaimed online course, which first appeared on WELSH-L and has had many thousands of visits since, is accompanied by the world’s only complete online Welsh dictionary, the Searching Lexicon. more

Ground-breaking and highly-rated course from the University of Wales at Lampeter, ‘the only University-accredited Welsh course available on the World Wide Web’. First 40 units are free. more

‘The Acen On-line Service for Welsh learners is initially aimed at real beginners. If you are an intermediate or advanced student we are unlikely to be able to meet your needs yet – but more elements will be added regularly so please check this site as often as possible.’ more

CATCHPHRASE (diolch i Gareth Morlais)
Catchphrase is a long-running Welsh-teaching programme on BBC Radio Wales, where a celebrity learner receives individual on-air tuition from a well-known Welsh teacher. Accompanying published material will soon be available. more

‘If you’re a fairly fluent Welsh learner or an A-Level Welsh student, Cam Ymlaen (‘A Step Forward’) is for you. It should help you build up your vocabulary, get to grips with more complex sentence structure and introduce you to some Welsh idioms that will help you sound less like a learner and more like a first-language Welsh speaker.’ more

‘For more advanced Welsh learners, Dyma’r Newyddion (‘Here is the News’) is a set of resources to help people who have been learning Welsh for a couple of years to tune into the language used in news stories on radio, TV, the Web and in papers. You can both read and listen to each of the nine bulletins. There’s also a vocabulary-builder and a self-test with each one.’ more

A course in spoken North Welsh for complete beginners, with MP3 sound files. more

The BBC’s revision guide is aimed at British teenagers taking their GCSE (or in Welsh, TGAU) exams, but it’s open to all.


Nant Gwrtheyrn, the national language-teaching centre, is a fascinating place in its own right: a former quarrying village, nestling in a remote cranny along the coast of the beautiful and very Welsh Lly^n (Lleyn) Peninsula.

Here are details of Welsh courses from Canolfan Bedwyr in Bangor:

The Welsh Language Teaching Centre of the University of Wales at Cardiff offers a range of courses for all levels:

As well as their own Wlpan course in August, the University of Wales at Lampeter has a directory of Welsh courses available in Mid and South-west Wales, including summer schools at Lampeter, Fishguard and Gregynog:

The American Welsh Society, Cymdeithas Madog, runs a well-known summer school (Cwrs Cymraeg):
Lists of Welsh language classes at colleges and universities in North America:
This site has information on where to study Welsh in America:

This site (still under development) proposes to offer a comprehensive list of universities where you can study Welsh.

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Gruffudd, Heini (1997) Wales – The Basics. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-423-8, £5.95 p/b. more

Davies, Janet (1993, 1999) The Welsh Language. Aberystwyth: University of Wales Press (Pocket Guide Series), ISBN 0-7083-1516-X, £7.95 p/b. more

Aitchison, John W. and Harold Carter (1993) A Geography of the Welsh Language 1961–1991: An Interpretive Atlas. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, ISBN 0-7083-1236-5, £9.95 p/b.

Stephens, Meic (1973, 1979) The Welsh Language Today. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 0-85088-208-7, p/b, o/p. more
Out of print.

Stephens, Meic (1986) The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-211586-3, xvii/682pp, h/b, o/p?. more

Williams, Gwyn (1992) An Introduction to Welsh Literature. Cardiff: University of Wales Press (Writers of Wales series, eds. Meic Stephens and R Brinley Jones), ISBN 0-7083-1130-X, £4.95 p/b.

Jones, W. J. (1996) A Helping Hand: A Guide for Learners. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-393-2, £7.95 p/b, o/p. more
Out of print.

Gwasg Gomer has a series of glossy booklets by Aeres Twigg about various aspects of Welsh culture, called Cip Ar Gymru (‘a quick look at Wales’) or Wonder Wales. They’re fully bilingual, lavishly illustrated and very readable, and cover subjects such as St David, Owain Glyndwr (a.k.a. Owen Glendower), Llywelyn, the Eisteddfod, the Welsh flag, the Welsh national anthem, and even the famous rugby song Sospan Fach. more

Morris, Jan (1986) The Matter of Wales: Epic Views of a Small Country. London: Penguin, ISBN 0-14-008263-8, £8.99 p/b o/p. more
Out of print.

Petro, Pamela (1997) Travels in an Old Tongue: Touring The World Speaking Welsh. London: HarperCollins, ISBN 0-00-255656-1, £18.00 h/b (or 1998, ISBN 0-00-655010-X, £7.99 p/b). more

Thomas, Sandi (2001) You Don’t Speak Welsh!. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-585-4, £5.95 p/b. more


Jones, Geraint (1995–1999) History and Status of the Welsh Language.
an internet essay by Geraint Jones of Wolfson College Oxford

Kluge, Jana (2000) Fostering Bilingualism: Language and Education in Wales
includes a includes scholarly bibliography

European Bureau of Lesser Used Languages

also at:



Suite 101

Yamada Language Guides

Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Board)
Link Line To Welsh’ hotline: 0845 6076070 (UK, local rate)

basic geographical and historical data from Encarta

Ymgyrchu! (from the National Library of Wales)
the history of campaigning for the Welsh language


Williams, Stephen J. (1980) A Welsh Grammar. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, ISBN 0-7083-0737-X, £7.95 p/b, o/p.
Out of print.

Gramadeg Cymraeg Cyfoes: Contemporary Welsh Grammar. Uned Iaith Genedlaethol Cymru, 1976, reprinted with minor changes 1998. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer/CBAC, ISBN 1-85902-672-9, £4.95 p/b.
Cymraeg Byw.

Thorne, David A. (1993) A Comprehensive Welsh Grammar. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, ISBN 0-631-16408-1, £16.50 p/b, o/p.
Sadly, now out of print.

King, Gareth (1993) Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar. London/New York: Routledge, ISBN 0-415-09269-8, £16.99 p/b. more

Thomas, Peter Wyn (1996) Gramadeg y Gymraeg [‘The Grammar of Welsh’]. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, ISBN 0-7803-1345-0, £14.99 p/b. IN WELSH. more

Thorne, David A. (1996) Gramadeg Cymraeg [‘A Welsh Grammar’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-417-3, £17.50 p/b (ISBN 1-85902-310-0, £22.50 h/b). IN WELSH.

Thorne, David A. (2000) Gafael Mewn Gramadeg [‘A Grasp of Grammar’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-888-8, £14.95 p/b. IN WELSH. more

Gruffudd, Heini (2000) Cymraeg Da: Gramadeg Cyfoes Ac Ymarferion [‘good Welsh: a modern grammar and exercises’; a.k.a. A Welsh Grammar For Learners]. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-503-X, £12.50 p/b. more

Hughes, J. Elwyn (1984) Canllawiau Iaith a Chymorth Sillafu [a.k.a. Language Guidelines and Spelling Aid]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-571-4, £3.50 p/b. IN WELSH. more

Hughes, J. Elwyn (1998) Canllawiau Ysgrifennu Cymraeg [A Guide to Written Welsh]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-598-6, £7.95 p/b. IN WELSH. more

Lewis, D. Geraint (1996) Y Treigladur: Check-List Of Welsh Mutations. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-480-7, £5.95 p/b.

Morgan, T. J. (1951) Y Treigladau a’u Cystrawen [‘the mutations and their syntax’]. Cardiff: University Of Wales Press, ISBN 0-7083-0158-4, £19.99 h/b. IN WELSH.

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Klingebiel, Kathryn (1994) 234 Welsh Verbs: Standard Literary Forms. Belmont MA: Ford & Bailie, £15.00 p/b. more

Lewis, D. Geraint (2000) Pa Arddodiad? [‘which preposition?’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-764-4, 5.95 p/b. more

new! BBC Learn Welsh: Grammar Guide For Learners (2004). Tal-y-bont: Y Lolfa, 0-86243-730-X, £5.95 p/b. more


Jones, Ceri (ed.) (1995) Six Thousand Welsh Words. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-162-X, £6.95 p/b.
Themed lists of basic vocabulary items.

Hughes, J. Elwyn (ed.) (1995–1999) News-Speak: Words and Phrases used by the Radio Cymru News Service, Books 1–4.
Free yearly booklet (30 or 40pp) containing a collection of words used in Radio Cymru news broadcasts and listed in the Welsh learners’ section of the weekly newspaper Y Cymro. Available from: Y Golygydd [the editor], Y Cymro, Parc Busnes, Yr Wyddgrug, Sir y Fflint, CH7 1XY; or: Golygydd Newyddion BBC Radio Cymru, BBC Cymru, Llandaf, Caerdydd CF5 2YQ.

Lewis, D. Geraint (1997) Y Geiriau Lletchwith [‘the awkward words’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-404-1, £5.95 p/b. IN WELSH.
‘A check-list of irregular word forms and spelling.’

Geirfa a Chystrawennau Cymraeg [‘Welsh vocabulary and Constructions’] (1973) Y Bontfaen, Morgannwg: D Brown a’i Feibion, 56pp, approx. 130×190mm, o/p.
Cymraeg Byw. Out of print but often available second-hand. No author named.

Y Thesawrws Cymraeg: Y Drysorfa Eiriau [‘a Welsh thesaurus: the treasure-house of words’] (1993). Swansea: Gwasg Pobl Cymru, ISBN 0-952153-60-2, £10.95 h/b (or pocket version: 1999, 0-952153-67-X, £7.99, p/b).
In Welsh. The hardback version is currently out of print.

Gruneberg, Dr Michael M. (1995) Linkword Welsh. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-268-5, 247pp, £5.95 p/b. Published the USA by Beekman Publishers Inc., New York, ISBN 0-8464-4747-9. Linkword Welsh Pronounciation Tape: £6.75. more

See also SOFTWARE for downloadable minidictionaries/vocabulary tools.


Davies, Cennard (1980) Lluniau Llafar [‘word pictures’] : Idioms for Welsh Learners. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 0-85088-782-8, £4.50. more
— (1993) Seiliau Sgwrs [‘the foundations of conversation’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-095-X, £6.00 p/b.
— (1994) Y Geiriau Bach [‘the little words’] : Idioms for Welsh Learners. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 0-86383-332-2, £4.95 p/b. more
— (1995) Dros Y Bont [‘over the bridge’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 0-85088-211-7, £3.50 p/b.
— (1996) Torri’r Garw [‘breaking the ice’] : Idioms for Welsh Learners Based on the Verb-noun. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-85902-372-X, £8.50 p/b.
—, and Mair Treharne (1990) Darluniau Byw [‘living pictures’]. Llandysul: Gwasg Gomer, ISBN 1-86383-612-7, £2.95 p/b.

Hayles, Leonard (1997) Welsh Phrases for Learners. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-364-9, £5.95 p/b. more

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Thomas, Beth, and Peter Wynn Thomas (1989) Cymraeg, Cymrâg, Cymrêg. . .: Cyflwyno’r Tafodieithoedd [‘Cymraeg, Cymrâg, Cymrêg. . .: presenting the dialects’]. Cardiff: Gwasg Taf, ISBN 0-948469-14-5, £7.95 p/b. IN WELSH. more

Fynes-Clinton, O. H. (1913) The Welsh Vocabulary of the Bangor District. London: Oxford University Press; re-issued (1995) in facsimile with additional material, Llanerch Publishers (Lampeter), ISBN 1-897853-72-6, 2 vols, £19.95 p/b. more

Morris, W. Meredith (1910) A Glossary of the Demetian Dialect of North Pembrokeshire. Tonypandy: (original publisher?). Re-issued (1991) in facsimile, Llanerch Publishers (Lampeter), ISBN 0-947992-69-3, £9.95 p/b. more

Lewis, Robyn (1993) Blas ar Iaith Cwmderi [‘a flavour of the language of Cwmderi’]. Llanrwst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, ISBN 0-86381-264-3, £4.25 p/b. IN WELSH. more


Evans D. Simon (1964, 1994), A Grammar of Middle Welsh. Dublin: The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (Medieval and Modern Welsh Series), ISBN 1-85500-000-8, 312pp, £10. more


Morgan, Gareth (1995?) Reading Middle Welsh more


Gruffudd, Heini (1989) Get By In Welsh. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-363-0, £1.95 p/b. more

Knox, William (1998) The Pan-Celtic Phrasebook. Talybont: Y Lolfa, ISBN 0-86243-441-6, £5.95 p/b. more


Online Welsh phrasebooks are of vary variable quality and often unreliable, but here are some of the better ones:

BBC Wales

Welsh for Travellers

Clwb Malu Cachu

Radio Acen

Croeso Cynnes
(includes .wav sound files to illustrate the pronunciation)


Jones, Bedwyr Lewis (1991) Enwau [‘names’]. Llanrwst: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch (Llyfrau Llafar Gwlad series, Number 20), ISBN 0-86381-182-5, £1.75 p/b. more

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Out of print?

Davies, Elwyn (ed.) (1967, 1996) Rhestr o Enwau Lleoedd: A Gazetteer of Welsh Place-Names. Cardiff: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru. Republished 1996 University of Wales Press, Cardiff, ISBN 0-7083-1038-9, £7.99 p/b. more

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Welsh surnames (Knoxville Tennessee Welsh Society)

Welsh patronymics (Helen Jones’s Genealogy Advice Pages)

Welsh first names

Welsh placenames (Clwb Malu Cachu cheat-sheet)

ATLAS new!

Gareth Jones (ed.) Yr Atlas Cymraeg Newydd [‘The New Welsh Atlas’] (1999). Aberystwyth: CBAC, ISBN 1-86085-377-3, £10.99 h/b. An adaptation of the Collins-Longman Student Atlas designed for secondary schools (11-18 age-group).

BIBLE new!

Y Beibl Cymraeg Newydd [‘The New Welsh Bible’] (1988). Aberystwyth: British and Foreign Bible Society, ISBN 0-564-05733-9, £13.95 h/b. Available in various versions, prices and ISBNs vary accordingly.

Various parts of the Welsh Bible, in both modern and 17th-century translations, can be found online, as well as the Book of Common Prayer. more


There are any number of fiction books aimed at or suitable for Welsh learners, especially from Gwasg Gomer and Y Lolfa. Here is just one example.

Palfrey, Eiry (1977) Chwedlau Cymru i Ddysgwyr (‘Welsh Folk Tales for Learners’). Cardiff: Gwasg y Dref Wen, ISBN 0-904910-17-2, 32pp, 145×210mm, £2.99 p/b. Also available with cassette (ISBN 0-904910-39-3, £7.99 the set). more

Look too out for new titles and abridgements for learners in the series Nofelau Nawr and Cam at y Cewri from Gwasg Gomer.

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