Jones the Gingerbread

Remember Aled Jones, the boy treble from Anglesey who was so famous a few years ago? Of course you do.

From the Independent newspaper, 28 April 1997:

Welsh Rarebit

Aled Jones, who captured the hearts of the nation with his haunting and angelic soprano singing, had 16 number one hits in Japan. He recalled: “There were thousands of screaming young girls at the airport. I thought, God, this is fantastic. But my chat-up lines were limited. I was there to narrate Hansel And Gretel and the only Japanese I knew was ‘do you want to look round my gingerbread house?’” And one of Wales’s premier “Welshpop” – as opposed to Britpop – bands, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, have proved to be a hit with teenage girls in Japan where fans have the band autograph English–Welsh dictionaries.
Aled Jones
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