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Oxford’s Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary: the hype

The new Oxford dictionary was selected as Waterstones’ Book of the Month in Wales for April 2000. With admirable restraint, the publishers wait until the second sentence to use the inevitable phrase ‘new millennium’:

The publication of Oxford University Press’s long-awaited Welsh dictionary is now imminent. Six years in preparation, the Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary (editor Gareth King) will be a milestone in Welsh lexicography, representing a modern and user-friendly approach to the Welsh language as a vibrant and dynamic medium of communication in the new millennium. This two-way dictionary, designed and compiled primarily with the needs of learners of the language in mind, comes with a range of revolutionary innovations:
  • illustrative sentences and examples from everyday Welsh as spoken and in the media for many headwords on the Welsh–English side
  • translation guidelines giving help in problem areas where Welsh and English usage differ
  • full grammatical information for all word categories: genders and plurals of all nouns, unpredictable verb stems, comparative forms of adjectives, special personal forms of prepositions
  • detailed coverage of the system of initial mutations – what they are, where they are used, and how to spot them. In addition, all incidences of mutation in the illustrative sentences and examples are marked by special typographical devices
  • special usage boxes dealing in detail with major points of difficulty, e.g. numbers, verb ‘to be’, particles yn and ynº, particle mo, focused sentences, and many more
  • a completely up-to-date wordbase, including terms for a wide variety of modern concepts – skateboard, scratchcard, ozone layer, National Assembly, software, hang-gliding, micorowave oven, CD-player, satellite TV, to name but a few
The Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary is to be Waterstones bookstore chain’s Book of the Month in Wales for April 2000 – recognition of an important publishing event for the Welsh language and all its friends. This modern, new-look and user-friendly dictionary, backed by the considerable lexicographical expertise and reputation of the Oxford imprimatur, truly brings the Welsh language into the 21st century.

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