These pages are designed to help you find books, tapes, CD-ROMs and online resources to do with the Welsh language, focusing particularly on Welsh dictionaries. They are aimed mainly at Welsh learners and therefore written in English. You won’t find much here about Welsh literature, music, history, politics, genealogy, tourism, mythology, recipes, Celtic jewellery or whatever, although some of the links will still be useful to you.
   Learning Welsh has never been more popular, and the last few years have seen a positive outpouring of new books and electronic resources. However, the quality of these new materials is extremely variable, and often they have not been properly listed or publicised. The aim of this site is to provide informed, impartial reviews and advice, to help you study this wonderful language as pleasantly and effectively as possible.
   The site is updated and expanded regularly so please call again – or, to be notified automatically when it changes, post your address at the bottom of this page. Comments, items of news, reports of dead links etc are welcome at

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(No longer topical but still relevant.)
  • Clwb Malu Cachu is a new online club for learners of all levels: ‘Born of the email list of the same name, it’s intended as a resource for learners to improve their vocabulary, practice their reading skills and to meet other learners. If you’re a complete beginner or if you’re starting to get more confident, we hope that you’ll find something here to help you on your way to fluency. If you’re fluent already, you may find some features here that interest you, and the CMC email list is a good way to meet other Welsh speakers online.’
  • Check out the new internet magazine for Welsh learners, Y Wennol ar y Wê (‘The Web Swallow’) at The language is probably more suitable for intermediate learners than complete beginners, but it comes with a vocabulary key to the articles and has a letters page for your comments. If you fancy contributing an article yourself, the editor, Bob Evans (, is keen to hear from you.
  • Gwrando ar, aros am, edrych dros, anfon at. . . Are you sure which preposition goes with which verb? Here is the answer – a little handbook showing how to put the correct prepositions with verbs.’ D Geraint Lewis’ new book Pa Arddodiad? (‘which preposition?’) is now out – details here.
  • A totally new edition of the Teach Yourself Welsh course has appeared, as the official coursebook of the Lampeter Welsh Distance Learning Course.
  • The Termiadur Ysgol (dictionary of standard terms for schools) includes many terms not present in other dictionaries, even the big Welsh Academy Dictionary. It’s now available on CD-ROM from Canolfan Bedwyr in Bangor for about £30. Details here.
  • “This modern, new-look and user-friendly dictionary, backed by the considerable lexicographical expertise and reputation of the Oxford imprimatur, truly brings the Welsh language into the 21st century.” The new Oxford Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary is here at last. Does it live up to the publishers’ grandiose claims? Gwybodiadur has an assessment and a sample entry.
  • Heini Gruffudd’s Welsh Learner’s Dictionary has come out in a pocket-friendly mini version. The text is unchanged and very patchy, but at £3.95, this is a real bargain, and a far far better buy than the other Welsh mini dictionaries, Collins Gem (£3.99) and Geiriadur Bach (£5.99!).

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