Comparing entries: eisiau

Here is a quick comparison of how four different Welsh–English dictionaries handle the translation issues surrounding the important Welsh word eisiau.

NOTE: while some attempt has been made to reflect the layout of each entry, what follows is text not images and so does not represent the exact appearance of the dictionary in question. Entries are quoted for review purposes only.

The Collins Spurrell Welsh Dictionary
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eisiau nm want, need, lack
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Y Geiriadur Newydd
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eisiau, eg. angen, rhaid, diffyg, bod heb feddiant. NEED.
  Y mae arnaf eisiau. I WANT.
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The Welsh Learner’s Dictionary
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eisiau (m) [e-eeshaee] want
  mae eisiau bwyd arna i I want food
  mae e eisiau dod he wants to come
© Heini Gruffudd/Y Lolfa Cyf. 1998

The [Oxford] Pocket Modern Welsh Dictionary
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eisiau noun, masculine, functioning as verbnoun
! This word is variously pronounced isie, isio, ise, but never as spelt.
! Though usually functioning as a verbnoun, this word is a noun and does not use a linking yn with the verb bod – so dw i eisiau = I want (not *dw i’n eisiau). Not being a verbnoun, it has no stem, and therefore cannot take verb endings of any kind. Past reference is done with the imperfect: o’n i eisiau = I wanted, roedd y ferch eisiau... = the girl wanted...
  • (functioning as verbnoun) = want
    dych chi eisiau dod? = do you want to come?
    pwy sy eisiau rhagor o °goffi? = who wants some more coffee?
    o’n i eisiau cael gair â chi = I wanted to have a word with you
    ’swn i °ddim eisiau’ch rhwystro chi = I wouldn’t want to disturb you
    =>moyn, =>am°
  • (functioning as noun) = want; need
    mae eisiau cynnal cyfarfod = a meeting needs to be held
    mae eisiau dweud wrthyn nhw be’ ydy be’, on’d oes? = they need telling what’s what, don’t they?
    oes eisiau dweud wrthi? = does she need to be told?
    oes eisiau bwyd arnat ti? = are you hungry?
    byddwn ni’n gweld eich eisiau = we’ll miss you
    =>angen, =>rhaid
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